Be Amazed

Today’s gospel tells us about Jesus going into towns and villages to heal the sick and cure diseases. He healed a mute man who astonished the people when he could speak. Yet, their astonishment was short-lived, and their hearts were hardened again.

How similar is our world today?! We may hear of a miracle or incredible story and be amazed, only to quickly let that amazement pass and fall back into the “ordinary and mundane.”


Jesus was “moved with pity for the people” because he saw they were “troubled and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd.” I can only believe that He still looks at us the same way. Jesus is still moved with kindness even when the news reports things that are so heinous and do not seem like they could get worse.

Often times, I picture God shaking His head at us. And then, something like the recent possible Eucharistic miracle in Connecticut occurs. Or the finding of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster’s incorrupt body in Missouri. If we are paying attention, I think we will find more and more stories like these. As bad as the world may be, Jesus is still moved with compassion for us. His love for us is unmatchable and we really cannot imagine just how much He loves us.

God Moments

I am certain you too, have stories in your life. I call them “God moments.” Things that can only be from God and may not mean much to anyone other than you. Yet, these moments are nothing short of dear to you. A friend likes to refer to them as “Godinstances” instead of coincidences.

My encouragement for today is to find these moments. Look past the terrible news stories and find the hope that God has given as a promise of what is to come. Even in the hard times and suffering, there is hope. We do have a Shepherd. Allow Him to lead you, allow His compassion to wash you anew. Be His laborer and inspire your friends and family to be the same.

Prayer to St. Benedict

“Help me, great Saint Benedict, to live and die as a faithful child of God, to run in the sweetness of His loving will, and to attain the eternal happiness of heaven. Amen.” St. Benedict, pray for us.

[Readings: Gn 32:23-33; Mt 9:32-38]

Joanne Huestis-Dalrymple

Joanne Huestis-Dalrymple is a freelance writer residing in Wake Forest, NC. She is a wife and mother of eight, plus two in heaven. Joanne coaches the St. Thomas More Academy swim team and is a member of the school’s CrossFit team. Joanne has a devotion to our Blessed Mother and she enjoys reading, writing, gardening and going on adventures with her big family.

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