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Be Ready

By Kelly Vardakas | January 24, 2021

Today’s readings point us to “readiness.” The Lord is calling each of us to be ready at any moment to pray, fast, believe, and to follow Him. We see that God calls and sends chosen men from among many to be His messengers- to go and call people to Himself. Jonah was called to announce…

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The Blood of Jesus, Our Saving Power

By Fr. Cyriacus Uzochukwu | January 23, 2021

“He has entered the sanctuary once and for all through his own blood ” (Heb 9:12). My dear friends, I wish to reflect on the saving power of the blood of Jesus through which He has paid the ultimate price of our redemption once and for all. The first reading from the book of Hebrew…

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Today’s Apostles

By Brett and Taylor Akins | January 22, 2021

I love confrontation. That’s probably strange to read since most people would rather run away or divert any sort of confrontation from arising. Whenever I see a situation that I don’t agree with, I’m quick to bring attention to it. My husband, however, likes to keep the peace and avoids confrontation at all cost. He…

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Memorial of Saint Agnes

By Fr. Marcelo Javier Navarro Muñoz, IVE | January 21, 2021

There is, probably, no more appropriate psalm for today’s memorial of Saint Agnes than Psalm 40, which the liturgy presents us with for reflection: Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will. Sacrifice or oblation you wished not,    but ears open to obedience you gave me.Burnt offerings or sin-offerings you sought not;    then…

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Lend a Hand

By Paul Verderber | January 20, 2021

Hello GVM Community, and Grace to You!  Mr. Tom Nash was unavailable to do a reflection this month, so I’m filling in for him.  He’ll be back for his February 20th Reflection. Before I begin today’s reflection, I would like to remind you to explore the GVM website, where we have posted a video link…

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Reclaiming the Sabbath

By D'Souza Family | January 19, 2021

The biblical Pharisees have always fascinated me. They’re always trying to trip up Our Lord, and they indubitably end up getting the short end of the stick. These Biblical fall guys provide countless nuggets for our instruction, usually of the “not as I do” variety. St. Mark’s gospel sums up the Pharisees with these words…

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Fast When Necessary and Rejoice When Necessary

By Fr. John Bosco Obika | January 18, 2021

Wedding ceremonies are usually joyous moments for both the celebrants and the invited guests. Everything about a wedding ceremony – the dress, the venue, the cake, the lights, the reception, the music – speaks of happiness, love and joy. Invited guests try to adapt to wedding-guest etiquette as much possible. This is all about trying one’s…

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Here I am. You called me.

By Dr. Tina Facca-Miess | January 17, 2021

Today we reflect on Samuel’s call, our call from the Lord. Eli patiently sends Samuel back to bed twice before realizing there was something more going on with young Samuel. Eli suggests that next time Samuel is to respond “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” The strategy works, and as Samuel grows up “the…

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Fr. Maurice Emelu Talks with Fr. Mitch Pacwa on EWTN Live

Fr. Emelu's robust discussion with Fr. Mitch Pacwa on @EWTNLive on a number of hot-button issues around truth and relativism. You may find the issues as answers to some of your concerns. Enjoy and share with friends.

How We Started

Our ministry was inspired by the vision of a well-known priest from the Catholic Diocese of Orlu in Nigeria, Father Maurice Emelu. He’s dedicated to sharing and living the Catholic message of love and grace in the spirit of joy in a cross-cultural way. Sharing in the same mission and values, we’re able to inspire many across cultures to be agents of grace and healing in their various communities.

Founder with Participants at a GVM Event in Hanford, CA

Core Values

  • Cross-cultural
  • Christ-centered
  • Grace-filled  
  • Love 
  • Unity in Diversity

We equip people to be active instruments of God’s love, healing, and unity. Hence our core values—Cross-cultural, Christ-centered, Grace, Love and Unity in Diversity


Testimony of the Week

Share your faith testimony with us and have a chance for the world to hear and glorify God.

Fantastic reflection. Thank you for sharing it. — Lori Kayes
Amen 🙏...
This is really beautiful Fr. Maurice Emelu... God bless You always, I love Your beautiful heart... I love to help others when I can...—Kaye Roberson
Lord Jesus Christ, let your love rest upon us even as our hope rests on you 🙏🙏 Psalm 33vs22—Chidi O. Chidi 

I waited patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the desolate pit, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God—Psalm 40:1-3


GVM Charity Works

Each year we devote some resources to works of charity as the need may be in the countries and communities that meet the criteria for each year’s project. It's a way we show faith in action and lead as agents of grace in communities. Be part of leading by helping the needy in places of most need. 

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GVM Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

To inspire, foster spiritual growth, and equip individuals and communities to be active instruments of God's grace of love, healing, and unity in everyday life through accessible virtual and face-to-face resources.

Vision Statement

To be a leading global faith-based hub where individuals and communities draw inspiration, accessibility, and high-quality tools in living God's grace of love, healing, and unity in their everyday life.

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