Signs We Are Mirroring God’s Love

Criteria for love

Matthew 5:48 is arguably the highest point of the teaching of the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount. Jesus said, “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt 5:48). The context of this reading suggests it has to do with being perfect in our love for one another, the same way God…

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Staving off Vengeance

Precise Love

A conversation on Jesus’s teaching against vengeance and human way of retribution. Reading God’s Word in Scripture is inspiring. As often as I do, I’m filled with joy. It is a “lamp to my feet and light to my path” (Ps 119:105). In these words, I find not just comfort and inspiration, but also a…

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Desiring Holiness of Life

what is holiness of life

Holiness. How does this word sound to you? Is it a term you understand? Or does it seem like a cliché, an unrealistic ideal, or something reserved only for those in monasteries or the religious and priests? Growing up, I used to identify holiness with monks and nuns wearing solemn-looking cassocks or habits. This imagery…

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The Gospel’s Pruning: Christian Identity in Culture

Christian, church identity in culture

The Council of Jerusalem marked a historic moment in the early Church’s attempt to grapple with the tension between divine truth and cultural traditions. The Council addressed a crucial question: can salvation be found outside Jewish law and customs? As narrated in the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 15, the conflict was not a mere…

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Women, Galilee, and Resurrection’s Call

When the Risen Lord showed himself, according to Matthew’s Gospel, two women saw him first. Next, Jesus invites the women to extend the invitation to his disciples to come to Galilee, where his close friends would see him. Back then, people didn’t think much of women or Galilee. But in these unexpected choices, we find…

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Why Envy is Terrible and Counterproductive

Turbulent cloud

Envy, that insidious serpent of spite, sneaks through humanity’s footsteps from time immemorial, leaving venomous trails of destruction and deceit. Biblical stories—pillars of moral teachings—exemplify the perils of envy. We see the perils in the accounts of Joseph’s ordeal and the parable of the tenants who murdered the vineyard owner’s son. These tales aren’t just…

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The Messenger and Tradition

Reflecting on the relationship between a messenger and tradition is pertinent to the current state of missionary work. Mark 6:7-13 describes the Lord sending his apostles to bear witness. The essence of being “One Sent”, a messenger, embodies deep-rooted faith, tradition, and a clear sense of purpose and direction. The true might of the messengers’…

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God Bless You: A Conversation on Blessing

As we begin the new year 2024, I pray and wish you God’s blessing. We experience blessings in different forms. They range from the daily small things to the grandeur of God’s presence in our midst. However, have you ever thought about what the concept of blessing means? How can we truly experience God’s blessings…

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