Trusting in the Power of God’s Presence

God’s Presence

Life is full of distressing situations. The distress becomes very acute when we feel radically incapable of confronting the challenges that face us. Forces that are determined to destroy us often threaten us, but we feel unprepared to overcome them. At such moments, we feel how radically weak we are as mortals and are easily…

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Childlike Approach to God

What does it mean to approach God like a child -3

Growing up as a little child, I never knew we were poor. I always trusted that my father was capable of providing all my needs and those of my siblings, which were not many though. I was confident about regular meals, the basic needs of clothing and the little things needed for playing. For children…

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Preaching the Good News to All Creation Today

The missionary mandate in the Gospel of Mark is to go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to all creation. This means that every creature is meant to hear the Good News. Jesus knows that the message is a joyful one for all cadres of creation. So, he mandates that the word be…

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Bringing Justice – Mission of God’s Servant

Gratia Vobis Ministries, Inc.

The consciousness of having a mission changes one’s attitude to life and work. It gives special coherence and purpose in every endeavor. In our relations with God, we are constantly reminded that we have a mission. To have a mission means to be called. We are called by God for special tasks, and every person…

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Living in the Presence of God

Living with a contemplation of beauty gives great satisfaction. But living everyday in the presence of such beauty gives the greatest joy. We have been told that the greatest beauty one can ever contemplate is God. I have often wondered how this God is. But we are also taught that He is far greater than…

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Paul’s Conversion Encounter with Jesus

Today the Church celebrates the conversion of St. Paul, who is regarded as the Apostle to the nations. The first reading of the day’s liturgy from Acts 22: 3-16 (cf. Acts 9: 1-22) recounts, in graphic details, the story of Paul’s conversion. The turning point was his encounter with Jesus on the way to Damascus.…

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Gift of Light and Joy

Inspirations Light in a World of Darkness

Light is a reality that is often taken for granted in most parts of the developed world. This is not so in most parts of the developing world where light energy is still a luxury commodity. In my part of the world, where most people don’t have the privilege of enjoying light for twenty-four hours…

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Living with the Hope of a Better Life after Death

The most significant and most inspiring aspect of the Christian religion is its doctrine of life after death. It gives a sense of tranquility and orientation to the present life. Without such belief, one can hardly cope with the disappointing experiences of the present life. While Christianity inherited the belief in the resurrection from Judaism,…

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Being Responsible Custodians of God’s Gifts

Life is a gift from God, and everything we have comes from God. This imposes on us the obligation to care for these gifts knowing that we are beneficiaries of divine love. The readings of today remind us that we are God’s servants entrusted with many gifts. We are to give account of how we…

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Marvellous Experience of Liberation

God is always at work in our lives in ways we can never explain. This is the foundation of genuine Christian spirituality. We never come to realise it until something marvellous happens to us. I can never forget my experience one Sunday afternoon. I was travelling on a lonely road, far from home, and the…

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