Daily Reflections

A Forgotten Devotion…?

By Fr. Marcelo Javier Navarro Muñoz, IVE / March 21, 2023 /

“Devotion to St. Joseph was a hallmark of St. Teresa of Avila. Teresa attributed her miraculous cure to Saint Joseph. When she was living in the Incarnation Convent in Avila, she was struck with an ailment that left her half-dead. She was paralyzed and was presumed dead at one point.…

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Joseph, the Just Man

By Cheryl J / March 20, 2023 /

“Come with me,” the petite nun said to our group of East Indian families from Canada on our first night in the Holy Land in March 2018. “I will take you to my convent. It is built over the tomb of the ‘just man’ and the house where Jesus grew…

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Eye Opener

By D'Souza Family / March 19, 2023 /

The readings for the Fourth Sunday of Lent, from my vantage point, appear to coalesce naturally around the twin themes of light and sight, or conversely darkness and blindness. We have The Good Shepherd who guides us in right paths and we have nothing to fear for He is our…

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Sacrifice of the Heart

By Fr. John Bosco Obiako / March 18, 2023 /

“For it is love that I desire, not sacrifice, and knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings” (Hosea 6:6). The verse we have quoted above is from the first reading of today, and it expresses the thought, the synthesis of the intuition which Hosea the prophet has about God. The…

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Love of God Nurtures Our Whole Person

By Matthew Kelly / March 17, 2023 /

Today’s readings point to the very core of the truth about our humanity, and God’s amazing plan for it. If you were to choose a point within scripture to revisit and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand, these would probably be good candidates: “Return, O Israel, to the…

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Whose Side Are You On?

By Celina Manville / March 16, 2023 /

Some may have a similar memory to me…that of being a child on the playground when teams were being chosen. I recall having some anxiety about which team would choose me (or be willing to have me) since I was not athletically talented. For childhood games and sports, ultimately teams…

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Fidelity to Divine Law

By Fr. Sylvanus Amaobi / March 15, 2023 /

Dear brothers and sisters, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24). The law given to the people of Israel was the stipulation in the ratification of the bilateral covenant relationship between God and them. God had established a covenant…

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7 or 77?

By Fr. Nnaemeka Paschal Ajuka / March 14, 2023 /

Peter’s Inspired Guess on Forgiveness Peter has a high profile in Matthew’s gospel. It is only there that Jesus addresses him as the rock on which he will build his church. It is only in Matthew that we find Peter asking the question, “Lord, how often must I forgive my…

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He Passed Through the Midst of Them and Went Away

By Fr. Alex Igbozuruike / March 13, 2023 /

After he was tempted in the desert, Jesus went to the synagogue and inaugurated his public mission (cf. Luke 4, 14-23). At the end of his inaugural message, “All spoke well of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his lips .” The Gospel we meditate…

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Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

By Jerry DeMelo Jr. / March 12, 2023 /

Jacob’s Well I had the pleasure of going to Jacob’s Well along with two young priests and my son deep into Samaria near Nablus. We rode in a properly marked Taxi Cab, with Iyad (the right Cab Driver) and left from Jerusalem before sunrise. In the back of my mind…

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