Renewing the Inner Strength

The Eucharist and the last super with Jesus

The term refugee has become common in today’s world given the recent exponential rate of migration and refugee crisis in many parts of the world, especially in Europe and America. Significant with refugees or asylum seekers is that they are fleeing from a life-threatening or an unfriendly situation in their geographical location. Sometimes the reasons…

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The Missionary Dimension of the Christian Faith

Three words are striking in my reflection on today’s Gospel; mission, discipleship, and proclamation. Mission Mission could be a complex term. The content of mission as bearing witness to God’s kingdom and the call to repentance is ever-enduring. However, the mode of its interpretation and communication requires more attention. I adopt the view of mission…

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A Perseverant and Coherent Life

In the course of my academic formation, I took a Diploma course in Academic Teacher Education in Religion. Part of the requirements for the program was a structured and directed teaching practice in an academic institution. In my own case, I had lesson observation and teaching in a British international Catholic Medium school under a…

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Christianity Today

Christ on the Cross, our Christian symbol

My conversation with a number of friends on the state of Christianity in the world of today has always ended with a consciousness that Christianity and Christian values are hated and discriminated in today’s world. Wait a minute. I do not wish to take glory in such an assertion, after all, Christians could be hated…

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Confronting our Prejudice

In today’s readings, we are invited to take a look at new facets and gifts in ordinary life situations and in our fellow human beings. In the first reading, we experience the human tendency to underrate the ordinary through the story of Naaman, an army general of the king of Syria. He was a valiant…

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Grace and Faith

Moreover, what was needed for the divine connection was a mere touching of the hem of Jesus’s garment. Something from us moves God to act on our behalf. That is why the saying that God governs the world but Prayer governs God” attributed to St John Chrysostom makes a lot of sense to me.

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