Christ: Truth and Lord

Preamble – Dear Friends – I prepared a Reflection that I did not really like, so I contacted Richard Jones, former Anglican priest – now fervent Catholic- for his insight. He proposed the following which I Iiked so much that I forwarded it unedited, as he submitted. Here it is:


Although we live in the 21st Century and regard ourselves as enlightened Moderns — far removed from ancient mythologies — the issues we struggle with today are not really distinct to our age. St. Paul warned the Christians in Colossae to be wary of any deceitful philosophy that is based upon “traditions of men . . . according to the elemental powers of the world,” rather than upon Christ, the one in whom “the fulness of deity dwells bodily.” He spoke of “principalities and powers” that set themselves against Christ.

Yet, concerning philosophy or principalities and powers, few things are new under the Sun or unique to our age. Indeed, broadly speaking, there are two basic philosophical options: we can either pursue wisdom that is grounded in certain elemental aspects or powers of the universe, or we can pursue the wisdom of the Christ. Likewise, we can submit to principalities and powers of the age, or we can submit to the authority of Christ.


Why does Paul warn us against being taken captive to philosophy? Does he mean that Catholics should avoid the study of philosophy? Absolutely not. We have a rich philosophical tradition in the history of our Church. Furthermore, we must study it to discern true wisdom from deceitful philosophy.

The caveat of Colossians 2:8, then, simply means that we should not be deceived by philosophy that is according to the “traditions of men.” We are not to be seduced by principles of worldly philosophies that seek wisdom apart from Christ. Rather, we must submit our philosophy to the mind of Jesus and find answers to the deepest, most profound questions of life in a Christocentric philosophy. He is the One through Whom everything was made (Col. 1:15) and in Whom the whole Creation coheres (1:17); so, we desire to know what He reveals to us about God, the World, Truth, and Morality.

Principalities and Powers

Paul also wrote of “principalities and powers,” a phrase he employed in Ephesians as well; but what are they? Ephesians 3:10 suggests they are unseen angelic or demonic entities, because they are located in the “heavenly places.”

Nevertheless, the Spiritual realm does impact the Earthly domain; and demonic opposition to Christ is manifested in the secular realm. Spiritual realities exercise a profound influence upon the political and social structures of our world.

Yet, St Paul teaches that ALL principalities and powers were created through Christ, and they are thus subject to His dominion. Though all the evil powers in the heavens and on earth conspired to murder him, Jesus routed them by his resurrection. The resurrected Christ is God’s answer to all who oppose Him. Our Lord’s conquest of death, which we proclaim and celebrate at every Mass, decisively revealed to every principality and power in the universe — both seen and unseen — the utter futility of opposing the Lordship of Jesus.

Now if this is true — if Christ is the source of all Creation; if all power is derived from Him; if the fulness of Deity dwells in Jesus; if the whole of Creation coheres and finds its meaning in Him; and if by his resurrection Christ conquered His enemies; then why would we seek wisdom in empty philosophy or bow before any defeated power that vainly continues to oppose Him?

After all, Jesus is both Truth and Lord.

[Readings: Col 2:6-15; Lk 6:12-19]

Jerry DeMelo Jr.

Mr Jerry DeMelo, Jr OP is a life-long Catholic and life professed Lay Dominican. A graduate of the Naval Academy, he served in the US Submarine Service. He is presently a Judicial Officer in California. Jerry enjoys Catholic Pilgrimages, teaches a weekly Bible study as well as the Diaconate formation program for the Diocese of Fresno. Mr DeMelo is on the Board of Directors of Gratia Vobis Ministries.


  1. Chanele Jackson on September 12, 2023 at 9:50 am

    This is a WOW! I am glad that the Holy Spirit you to share what Robert Jones wrote. I read it and felt the spirit in me get excited! I’ve searched for knowledge in information that can help me not be afraid of all the anti-CHRIST rhetoric, both verbal and written, that many people in political and social power are selling and so many followers in and out of church are buying into and acting on.

    As a African-American woman, I am fearful of the how this country, the U.S., is changing where equal rights and justice is diminished and in some places eliminated and targeted at people who look like me and other minorities. I am greatly disappointed that in many of the churches in my diocese, there isn’t outrage against actions by parishioners, local leaders and politicians that do not mirror what Jesus would do, instead by their speech, policies and promises they oppose God. God and through His son Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit teaches us to love Him and our neighbor. Yet, we are moving away from this in large numbers and it frightens me. I worry about how my grandchildren will live in the future, will they be safe in an environment will demonic and non-Christ-like behavior dominates and is applauded as normal.

    Today’s writing and my reflection on it reminded me that a loving God is still in control and Jesus’ ways of being and his resurrection gives me hope for the future. At this moment, I feel less fearful for myself and my family/especially my grands. I must remember God is in control and He loves all of His creation. I pray that God’s angelic creatures and His Saints will keep demonic forces in check and that those who hate or speak hate learn to love everyone and do what is for the good of all peoples. I will practice loving better.

    Thank you again,
    Chanele Jackson, Diocese of Charlotte

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