Will You Pray for Me?

Will you pray for me? These are five of my favorite words. I love to pray for people. In my circle, the phrase Prayer Warrior was coined as a description years ago. It is comparable to a love language for me.

Today as I was sitting in carpool to pick up some of our children, a text message came through, “About to walk in for an interview. Please pray for me.” I ended my audiobook and began my Hail Mary’s. I couldn’t tell you how many I said, but it was nearly an hour’s worth, including interruptions here and there from young children.

Straight to Our Blessed Mother

It got me thinking. I always go straight to Mary when someone asks me to pray for them. I wonder if it’s a habit from childhood. My mom always had us (and still does) say a Hail Mary when an ambulance or siren was heard.

Anyway, she is my go-to. I once had a Protestant friend ask me why I pray to Saints and “dead people?” She was genuinely curious. I explained that it is similar to her asking friends to pray, which is really great too. The Saints are believed and known to already be in heaven WITH God. Their souls are purified and to have all the heavenly souls praying too…. Well, it takes my breath away to imagine it.

I am not sure my answer made an impact, but why not ask Mary, the angels, and saints to pray? That is the question perhaps I should have posed back.

Who do you go to first? I am always excited to hear which Saints others feel most connected to and why. There are so many beautiful stories. If you do not have a heavenly soul you feel close to, ask God to put someone on your heart. Then, get to know about him or her.

[Readings: Acts 16:1-10; Jn 15:18-21]

Joanne Huestis-Dalrymple

Joanne Huestis-Dalrymple is a freelance writer residing in Wake Forest, NC. She is a wife and mother of eight, plus two in heaven. Joanne coaches the St. Thomas More Academy swim team and is a member of the school’s CrossFit team. Joanne has a devotion to our Blessed Mother and she enjoys reading, writing, gardening and going on adventures with her big family.

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