Through Zacchaeus’s Eyes

During this Gospel reflection, let me enter into this beloved Gospel scene. Let me see Christ through Zacchaeus’s eyes, and let me see myself through Christ’s eyes. O Holy Spirit, flood my heart, and make me keenly aware of Your Presence. Pause and reread the account in Luke 19: 1-10. Actively visualize this event. Place…

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Am I Ashamed of Christ?

Acknowledgment is a common courteous behavior parents teach their children in their earliest years. Parents want their sons and daughters to acknowledge a person’s presence as well as gifts they have received. Acknowledgement is a way of saying that the person matters. In the beginning of today’s Gospel, Jesus is very clear about this basic…

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Gratitude: The Space-Maker

I have been married for 27 ½ years, and throughout, I have marveled at my husband’s ability to be grateful for everything, literally everything! I’ll admit, I even found it rather annoying at times. When I would be all caught up in some temporal concern, he’d remind me that God gave us a beautiful day,…

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Courageous Questions

We ask all kinds of questions daily. Questions form the basis of conversations and the building of relationships. So, do we ever ask questions in prayer? Asking the Right Questions To get the information we need, we must ask the right questions. Typically, we start with a general question and then go deeper with more…

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Beyond Rules, Mercy

A Holy Rosary and the image of Christ

As someone who tends to be very detail-oriented, I know I often get stuck in the minutiae. I am also a “rule-follower” by nature. Rules can be important. They can ground us and ensure our safety, but today’s Gospel warns us about where I place both my attention and my security. Are they only in…

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Hide and Seek

As a child, I loved playing hide and seek. I remember the excitement of finding the perfect hiding spot, one in which I was convinced no one could ever find me. I remember the delight of quietly waiting in that spot until just the right moment to make a dash to the base. In this…

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Wrapped in Truth, Wrapped in Love

Photo illustrates love for Jesus and the Church

The context of today’s Gospel reading is a powerful one! Nearing the end of what is called the Last Supper Discourses, we hear Jesus’s final words to his beloved followers. Take a minute to immerse yourself in this moment. To do so, we have to acknowledge that for several weeks now, Jesus has appeared more…

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Eyes of Faith and Expectant Hearts

Eucharistic Jesus and the eye of faith

Human logic is too often the mechanism on which we rely when circumstances or situations arise that challenge us. A problem emerges that seems complicated at best or insurmountable at worst—a conflict with a coworker, a health concern of a family member, a financial hardship, or perhaps a loved one who has lost his faith.…

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Do You Want To Be Well?

An artwork about the touch of God

It’s a puzzling question: Do you want to be well? In today’s Gospel, a seriously ill man had been lying near the pool of Bethesda for 38 years. His illness caused some kind of paralysis or weakness preventing him from walking. People with all kinds of infirmities were nearby, hoping to be cured in these…

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The Leaven Within

Offering of bread

What is the leaven within us? We must be watchful against the pride and hypocrisy that attempts to creep into our hearts. Instead, let us feed the leaven of humility, generosity, authenticity, and above all – love.

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