Full of Patience

“And so, after patiently waiting, Abraham obtained the promise.” (Hebrews 6:14-15)

In today’s reading to the Hebrews, Abraham’s response to God’s promise “to bless and multiply him” strikes me and brings a sense of longing into my heart. To see an example of such simplicity, reflected in Abraham’s patient waiting, throws into contrast the fearful and short-sighted ways that I have responded to God’s communications to me. This leaves me with this sense of longing for change; to be like Abraham: trusting of God’s promise and entrusting myself to Him in my weakness.

Gift from God

Patience is an amazing gift from God, and it is so much more than that passive observance of the passage of time. Patience presupposes the gifts of trust and faith in God and His power. It is an opportunity for loving acts of abandonment and humility. I think one of the biggest reason my heart responds to its simple description in this reading is because of the great gratitude I feel for God’s increasing gift of it to me more recently. For what have I done to deserve it other than demonstrate my desire for it?

This gift of patience I hold even more dearly as it is such an active virtue. “He has given food to those who fear him; he will forever be mindful of his covenant.” (Psalms 111:5)

[Readings: Heb 6:10-20; Mk 2:23-28]

Matthew Kelly

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