Even the Wind and the Sea Obey Him

They cried to the Lord in their need, and he rescued them from their distress. He stilled the storm to a whisper: All the waves of the sea were hushed (Ps 106:28-29)

The gospel is very interesting. It explains human anxieties, fears, worries and other mental health crises associated with our being, which often play out when we want to be independent of the Controller General of the universe, who is Christ Himself. Such times in life could be mentally frustrating and draining, especially when we lose sight of Christ, who cares for us and accompanies us in our journeys of life endeavours.

We cannot replace the role of God in our lives, otherwise we continue to be in crisis, and that’s part of the major problem we are experiencing in the world today. The disciples of Christ were saved from the crisis of the storm of the sea when they realized that Christ was with them and had to wake him up from his sleeping cushion. He was certainly fully aware of what was happening but wanted the disciples to understand that his authority is above nature and is eternal.

Master, Do You Not Care?

This is the type of question that goes on in our minds when we are troubled. We often ask ourselves if God has forgotten or abandoned us or whether our own situation is always different. This is always the worry when we want to get something and not having it to our satisfaction. But it is always that way when the demand is being driven by our selfishness and the quest to have it in our way and time. The question, “Master, do you not care?” is unwarranted because it is born out of selfishness.

The question is not necessary because Jesus is the foremost carer. He is the best-known caregiver and the best tender-loving carer. It is very evident in his public ministry. He is known for his services to the poor, the needy and the less privileged in society. He rescued and liberated those possessed by evil spirits, fed the hungry and many more. He cared for the sick and restored sight to the blind.He cared for his followers even before they decided to cross over to the other side of the sea. So, the question if he does care is out of place because no one has ever cared as he cares and would continue to do so because it is part of his being.

The Authority of Christ

When the disciples of Christ woke him up and queried him, ‘If he did not care that they were going down,’ He immediately took control of the situation. He rebuked the wind and said to the sea, ‘Quiet now! Be Calm! The wind dropped, and all was calm again (Mark 4:39) in obedience to his command. The disciples were filled with awe because he has authority over storms and nature. Only Jesus, the Controller General of the universe and all it contains, can do this.

Faith and Trust

It is not abnormal for us to experience storms in life. They are part and parcel of our life challenges. They are there to draw us closer to the Lord in faith and trust. We cannot avoid them. We get into trouble when we want to do away with them on our own. We can’t because we don’t have such powers like Christ.

We can only succeed when we maintain faith and trust in the Lord, even amidst the storms and challenges of life. In this way, we allow his will to be done instead of our own will. That’s the reason Christ asked the disciples: ‘Why are you frightened? How is it that you have no faith?

When we lack trust or faith in the Lord, we become frightened; we struggle and feel frustrated. We must learn to put our trust in the Lord and build our confidence in him. Once we have him in our lives, we can do all things through him who strengthens us.

Peace be with you.

[Readings: Jb 38:1, 8-11; 2 Cor 5:14-17; Mk 4:35-41]

Fr. Cyriacus Uzochukwu

Rev Fr Cyriacus Uzochukwu is a priest of the Catholic diocese of Orlu, a former editor of The Forum Newspaper of the diocese and currently the associate pastor of Sacred Heart Church Exeter, Devon, UK.

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