Even the Wind and the Sea Obey Him

Overcoming Life's Storms

They cried to the Lord in their need, and he rescued them from their distress. He stilled the storm to a whisper: All the waves of the sea were hushed (Ps 106:28-29) The gospel is very interesting. It explains human anxieties, fears, worries and other mental health crises associated with our being, which often play…

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The Mystery of the Eucharist

Jesus Christ the Eternal High Priest

My dear friends, today is the feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Eternal High Priest. This feast is proper to England and Wales, and is celebrated on Thursday after Pentecost. In other countries, the liturgical celebration might be Thursday of the 7th week of Ordinary Time of the Year. The Gospel of this feast is…

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The Difference in Values of the World and Heaven

My dear friends, the gospel today is all about the instruction of Jesus to his disciples over the difficult challenges of following him. He told them the hard truth. He says: ‘if the world hates you’ (John 15: 18), of course, he knows that the world hates his disciples. Jesus knows the world hates them…

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Hatred and Jealousy Prosper the Persecuted

My dear friends, the gospel is very interesting to reflect upon especially as we look forward to Holy Week. It displays the different human strengths and weaknesses that are prevalent in our society; the strength of the power of love that existed between Jesus, Lazarus, Mary, and Martha, which made Jesus raise Lazarus from the…

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David Danced Before the Ark of the Lord

My dear friends, the first reading is very interesting. It expresses the joy of King David before the Ark of the Lord. He moved the Ark of God from the house of Obed-edom to the capital city of Jerusalem, which he recovered from his enemies with great rejoicing. Recall that the Ark of the Covenant…

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The Naming of John and Blessing of the Family

The Lord Restores His People By Fr. Sylvanus Amaobi

My dear friends, it is an interesting time as we await the celebration of the birthday of Christ, and the gospel speaks about his cousin John. It recalls his wonderful birth, circumcision, naming celebration, and miraculous restoration of the power of speech to his father Zacharia. Elizabeth and Zacharia have been blessed by the Lord.…

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Be Focused on Doing the Right Thing

The Temptation and Corruption of the Just: The first reading today is very interesting. It simply demonstrates what is present in our society today, how the just man is tempted and corrupted for fame and worldly recognition, and the corruption of the just, the bible says, is the worst corruption. When the men of the…

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No Security in Materialism

Dear friends, the gospel reading is very interesting and calls for serious reflection so that we do not go the way of the rich fool. We have strong desires to be rich, which is good, but sometimes it can lead one astray especially when people perceive and pursue wealth as everything. It leads them to…

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Disposition Towards the Word of God

Dear friends, it is a known fact that Jesus is a great teacher, and he uses different methods in putting across his message of salvation to his followers. Today he uses the parable of the Sower in the gospel to teach his audience the secret ministries of his kingdom. He narrates the action of the…

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