We Are Family

Persist Posted By Arlene Braganza

My grandmother shared with the family, one summer, our family genealogy. I’m not sure how she went about collecting all the information, but it was a project she undertook over several years. All this was done before programs like ancestory.com existed. I’m American, so from my perspective, there were some amazing things I learned. James…

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Making Sacrifices

Image showing a helping hand to the poor.

When we freely choose to follow Jesus and be His disciple, there will be struggles. Christ promised it. “Take up your cross and follow me”. When a young woman chooses to intimately follow Christ by being a religious sister, she knows there are sacrifices involved. She is giving up the possibility of a husband with…

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Richness in Things That Matter to God

The beginning of the today’s Gospel is interesting. It shares with us what Jesus is truly about. How often we expect Jesus to solve every problem in our life. Jesus came to turn men’s hearts from the things of this world to the realities of God. That which had been lost due to original sin.…

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What Kind of Soil Are You?

I am not a farmer. I don’t know farming. It is not something that I am even especially attracted to. I have very little experience with seeds and planting and watering. My limited experience comes from my childhood. As a young kid, my mom had the idea of starting a garden and I got to…

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