God’s Visitation: Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Whenever I meditate on this Gospel, I always remember a beautiful picture in my wallpaper of my smartphone. It is the image of the Virgin wearing a pink veil, looking intently at me. There is a sense of serious concern on her face, yet her face is brightened by joy and wonder. She is going to visit her cousin Elizabeth to see for herself the mighty things God has done. It is a beautiful image of our Lady of Grace. One can easily imagine the joy in her heart, the song of praise on her lips, the news about to be shared with all of humanity, beginning with Elizabeth — it is all expressed in her movement, body, features, and face.

A Reminder

Mary is reminded of Hannah and all the women who experienced the graciousness of God in childbearing. Mary is to be the Mother of Jesus, Son of God. Imagine all that she must have pondered on in the lengthy journey to Judea. An angel visited her, prophesying her vocation and God’s plan for her life. Mary would have thought of her dearly betrothed Joseph. She would have imagined her cousin’s reaction to her visit, knowing that Elizabeth, too, has experienced the visitation of God.

The feast we celebrate today, originally a medieval Franciscan tradition, is prayed as the second joyful mystery of the Holy Rosary. Countless images of the scene have captured the hearts of many. Having been established in the West much earlier than the East, the feast reminds us that God is near.

Christ Within Us

We all carry Christ within us. Mary had borne Jesus in her womb physically; we bear Jesus in our souls sacramentally. The priest dismisses us after Mass to carry Christ with us wherever we go; Mary had done this in the visitation to her cousin. May she continue to direct our steps and efforts of evangelization as we seek to follow her example to bring Christ to those in need.

Renew me in Your love today, O Lord. Grant me the grace to bring You to others. Our Lady Grace, pray for me.


Who should you visit today? Who is in most need of the Good News today?

[Readings: Zep 3:14-18a; Lk 1:39-56]

Fr. Archie Tacay

I'm Padre Archie Macaroncio Tacay, CICM. I was born on April 19 and was raised in the Philippines. I entered the seminary formation of the Missionhurst-Missionaries or CICM Missionaries in 1995 and professed my religious vows in 2001. After completing my Theological studies at Maryhill School of Theology, I was sent to the US to continue my internship formation. While here in the US, I went to Oblate School of Theology, learned the Spanish language in Cuernavaca, Mexico and later on trained as a chaplain in MD Anderson Houston, Texas. Most of my assignments were in Texas, particularly in the Diocese of Brownsville and Archdiocese of San Antonio. I was ordained as a priest on May 20, 2008. My current assignment has me in Wendell, North Carolina, as Pastor of St. Eugene Church. I love outdoor sports! e.g. cycling, tennis. I also love to read books, play guitar and do nature trekking.

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  1. Jeannett Higueros on June 8, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    Thanks Father Archie, beautiful messages for our Catholic faith…

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