On the Side of Truth

The Church’s experiences with heresies and conspiracies have been so intriguing and challenging. They have left both a sweet and a sour taste in the mouths of the chroniclers of Church history. The message of the good news of salvation invites us to know the truth that sets us free. But more often than not,…

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The Heart that Gives

The adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on people’s lives and livelihoods have been enormous. Yet one of the positive takes from these long painful months is that it manifested the beauty of human kindness. We did not only experience the sadness of shutting down our livelihoods and being separated from one another for safety…

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Trying God’s Patience

Today is the memorial of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. This celebration commemorates the central role of our mother Mary in the history of our salvation. The rosary summarizes the gospel and more. It presents the gospel message from the perspective of Mary, who was part of the entire redemption story. Hence, the rosary…

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Be Rooted in the Faith

Faith is a gift which begins often in the most insignificant way. Most of us received our Christian faith from our parents/guardians. We grow up bearing the Christian identity as part of our lives, just as we often grow with the language we are born into. But at a stage in life, we come to…

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For Faith Sake, Listen

Misty mountains afar

When Jesus rebuked his disciples for their inability to heal the little child, he emphasized that their lack of faith makes it impossible for them to succeed in that act of healing. This is because he has been with them enough for them to learn from him if they had listened to him. The act…

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The Ripples that Come Back

A flock of sheep

Jesus commissioned his twelve disciples and sent them to go find the lost sheep of Israel. He did this to demonstrate that as the good shepherd, no lost sheep should be left behind. But why did he refer to the Israelites as lost sheep? Jesus used these words because, as the people of God, the…

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The Power of Recognition

Bread for Communion

A woman came to see me during my first parish assignment. It was just a few months after my priestly ordination. She wanted me to sign the marriage bans for her daughter’s wedding, so I gave her an appointment. On the day of the appointment, a few minutes before the appointed time, she came to…

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Treasure in Trash—Order in Disorder

A person cleaning roof gutters

When you stay a long time without cleaning up a room, everything in it begins to look like a trash. It becomes messy because nothing is in order, everything is out of place. And you know one thing? It is so easy to mess up a room, it takes little or no effort. But it…

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Everyone is Looking for You

A church altar

When we speak of a brand, we don’t just mean a favourite product with a popular tag, we also imply that such a trademark serves and satisfies our needs. It is not only useful, it is also important to us and we are proud to relate to it in a special way. Often we go…

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Real Love Acts

A statue of two men with an animal

Two friends offered a lift to a young lady while driving to their home city. On their way, they talked about the city, their professions, their hopes and aspirations. The one driving the car was so entertained by the depth of the lady’s ideas, but her physical beauty attracted his friend more. On arrival, they…

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