Bearing Fruit

Today’s Gospel of Matthew really draws me in to recognize the truth our Lord and Savior has placed in the scriptures for us to seek out. A line that really stood out to me is “Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down.” Mt 7:15-20

Trimming, Pruning, Cutting

Every year during the winter, I spend a weekend cleaning up trees and limbs on my property. Before I begin trimming and pruning, I first observe which trees are dead and then begin cutting down the trees that show no signs of life. After I cut down the trees that are dead, I also begin trimming the limbs that bear no fruit. As today’s gospel states “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. Mt 7:15-20

This Gospel really makes me want to examine the areas of my life in which need improvement. It really makes me want to review which fruit is growing in my life and which that I need to cut down to allow new life to grow. Although the Gospel is rather symbolic, that doesn’t disqualify the message that God is portraying to each of us.

What kind of fruit is growing in your Life? Is your life a direct comparison to the garden of perfect creation or is your life one in which could use much pruning and trimming?

A Cleanup?

Today’s message is very loud and clear that we all must contemplate what direction our lives are going. Are we living the best life that God has called us to live? Or could we use a great cleanup in our priorities and actions?

Regardless of how we answer those questions, God is calling us to remain in Him. The only way to remain in Him is to pull out anything that stands in the way of our relationship with him. Whoever remains in Him will bear much fruit.

(Written by Brett)

[Readings: 2 Kgs 22:8-13; 23:1-3; Mt 7:15-20]

Brett and Taylor Akins

Brett and Taylor Akins both had reversions to the Catholic faith while in their early 20s. The two married in May of 2020 and moved from Oklahoma to Bakersfield, CA. Their passion is teaching the youth about the lives of the Saints, and how we are all called to Sainthood. Brett and Taylor spend their free time hanging out with their huge Catholic family and volunteering as Confirmation teachers. You can email Brett and Taylor at

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