As we quickly approach the season of Advent, you will notice several things that change around your household, and many others who celebrate Christmas with their families.

Trees are put up; lights are strung, and baked goods and spirits are enjoyed amongst your social gatherings. People go shopping and buy many gifts for family and friends. All of this is done prior to Christmas Day to ensure you’re fully prepared for December 25th.

Time to Reap

Today’s readings really hit home for me. “Use your sickle and reap the harvest, for the time to reap has come, because the earth’s harvest is fully ripe.” What’s interesting about today’s readings is that they truly fit perfectly with the season of Advent.

We spend all this time “preparing and waiting” for Christmas Day. We scramble around trying to get everything perfect for the nativity of our Lord, and then once Christmas is “over” everyone seems to get back to their normal daily lives. Why don’t we shift our mindset to prepare for the Lord’s coming every single day? Why don’t we prepare for judgement day with true intent every month of the year, rather than wait until December and spend a few weeks going out and trying our best to make sure all the toys and goodies are under the tree?

Today’s responsorial Psalm states: “The Lord comes to judge the Earth.” One day we’re going to meet our Lord and Savior when our time here comes to an End. Now is the time to Harvest the good fruit in our lives to prepare for that day. This advent season, I want to challenge you to shift your mindset and focus more on being prepared “spiritually” to truly appreciate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Let us prepare our hearts, minds and souls and reflect on how to grow in our faith this Advent season.

[Readings: RV 14:14-19; LK 21:5-11]

Brett and Taylor Akins

Brett and Taylor Akins both had reversions to the Catholic faith while in their early 20s. The two married in May of 2020 and moved from Oklahoma to Bakersfield, CA. Their passion is teaching the youth about the lives of the Saints, and how we are all called to Sainthood. Brett and Taylor spend their free time hanging out with their huge Catholic family and volunteering as Confirmation teachers. You can email Brett and Taylor at [email protected]

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